Don't Dream

by Means Well



Recorded in February of 2013 with Marshall Wieczorek

Available on cassette through Self Aware Records


released July 30, 2013


tags: rock Asheville


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Means Well Asheville, North Carolina

Scott Middleton - Drums

Katrina Cook - Bass, Vocals

Josh Cook - Guitar, Vocals

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Track Name: Cartwheels
There's lots of outdoor smells
And the sky's hung really well
Against the canopies of trees

And I'd like to be a blade of grass
And I'd like to stain your pretty dress
And I'd like to for once be...

You skipped class
And I skipped work
You're a field of flowers
And I'm a jerk
Track Name: Hey Satan
You've made me a ghost
The people that I love, I scare the most
Is it obligation to disservice
Was it worth it

Am I clean
Was it worth it
Hey satan

There's dirt on my brain
My friends would tell you the same
I'd shine it for you
I'd be less obtuse
Track Name: Honestly
Honestly, it has weighed on me, all the shit I eat. I'm bursting at the seams. Nothing's as it seems. You are what you eat, that's why I'm eating you. 'Cause I wanna be you and do the things you do. I wanna be you.
Track Name: Billy
I read a book today that made me think about what I'd be like if some wolves had raised me. Now there's really nothing left. Mother and my brother's dead, so they're calling. I hear it calling, calling out my name. From the sea to the melted forest's frame. A path that's been laid out for me. New brothers to guide me to what I need.
Track Name: Dylar Junkie
I could dig your grave with a needle. It'd be worth my time knowing you'd died. I know it's mean, me coming clean. You broke me, you broke us all. I built a cross and I carried it for you. In the end it came unglued. I wondered, "What now should I do?" A cross is just wood without killing to do. I don't know who I am. I know who I'm not. Admit that, admit it to yourself. It'd do wonders for you.
Track Name: Not Now
Everything's broken now. I thought I could fix it, somehow. I'm walking away now. You have let me down. It's no surprise or knock out. I should stop expecting, it only causes problems when false hope is allowed. I don't know how.
Track Name: Dark Out
How could you know me? I don't even know myself. It's hard to see these days and I know what you're thinking when you look at me that way. I can't relate to what you say. It's getting dark out. I think I'll let you in again. I think you'd like me. I think that I'd let you in if you'd feed my dogs this time. This time is different. I don't have the strength to wait for you to beat down my front door. Another black out, and I can't let you in again. I can't have you ruin this again.
Track Name: Beep
Can you hear through all the spit? Foaming, breathing, spraying shit. I'd rather be at home alone. I'd rather phone in. It's all wrong. Can't you see it? I can barely breathe, because of the shit that you throw. You think you're an artist when the only art you know is putting on disguises and putting on a show.